Wine Club

The Wine Club That Delivers To Your Door

There are many wine clubs out there.  I’ve participated in quite a few of them and all have their good qualities and not so good qualities.  Of course, who can belong to just one wine club?  I thought that it was impossible to do this until I found the wine club that only had fantastic qualities.

In my opinion a wine club should be easy.  The club should be exciting and send you a variety of wines each month that not only taste fantastic, they should also expose you to wines you may have not experienced prior.  This club should come with a guarantee that if you don’t enjoy the bottle they will replace it and send you something else to try and the shipping should not be so outrageous it is almost the same price as the wine.

I believe I have found that club.

  • Artisan wines from boutique wineries and vineyards from around the world.  This is no small feat and they do so nicely. As a customer I can personally verify the quality of wine as well as the shipments being timely.
  • Each wine club shipment comes with wonderful tasting guides, tasting notes and information about the winery/vineyard that your wine is sourced from.
  • Order online and select the monthly wine shipment you want.  It’s that easy!  Pick a 2 bottle or a 4 bottle shipment and decide whether you want red wines, white wines or a mixture of red and white.
  • It’s so easy that even as a wine club customer, you can refer people to the wine club and end up getting your wine for free after 3 people join the club.

Here’s the interesting thing – if you are a wine drinker, you have friends who are wine drinkers.  Why not join a club that not only delivers wine but also compensates you.   I can understand why it’s very difficult for people to consistently utilize other types of marketing products. Whether that is a nutritional shake or another product. However, this is wine.  You are already buying wine.  You pick it up all the time.   Who doesn’t give wine as a gift or enjoy sharing wine with friends, family or clients.

If this seems like something you would be interested in I encourage you to visit our preferred partners site. However if that even seems a little daunting or makes you nervous please reach out.  My whole goal is to make wine easy and to make it approachable so that you can enjoy and purchase with ease. If it would like to talk further or have any questions please, feel free to message me.  I would love to speak with you.

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