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Wine Review Red Blend | The Reserve Bank – 2016 Red Blend Western Cape

Wine Review Red Blend | The Reserve Bank – 2016 Red Blend Western Cape

Wine Review – The Reserve Bank – 2016 Red Blend Western Cape

Wine Review Red Blend

My thoughts: I was pleasantly surprised with the Red blend as I obviously wasn’t sure what I was going to get, and judged the wine by the twist top (that is a WHOLE other blog post).  It was very easy to drink and almost had a sweeter start to it.  I drank a glass while I was cooking, a glass while eating and then a glass after dinner.  All not small glasses.  Almost finished the whole bottle, it was that good. Keep reading for my wine review red blend notes!


What I pared it with: I decided to listen to the pairing notes they gave me (I mean why be an ass and throw those to the side) and cooked up some cheeseburgers.  By the way, if I ever have a bad day, or need some encouragement, I will cook up these burgers as EVERY time I make them my son tells me I should open a restaurant they are so good.  To see more wines that pair with burgers, check out my video!

Anyway, long story short, I have to agree with those pairing notes and say that the wine was a GREAT pairing with the cheeseburger.  It really brought out the spice between the burger/wine combo and went down very smooth.  I would absolutely suggest giving it a shot.  If you want my burger recipe, which according to my son is “restaurant opening worthy”, let me know and I will gladly hand that over.



Cheeseburger Pared with The Reserve Bank 2016 Red Blend



Official Tasting Notes

The Reserve Bank is driven by the passion for discovery and desire to capture the real essence of South Africa in every bottle.

It was the simple love of Loire Chennin Blanc that first led the owners to South Africa in 1994, where they pioneered the ‘wild yeast’ ferment style that has now been adopted by many producers in this region.  Since then they haven been exploring South Africa’s amazing vineyards to make fabulous wines from specific sites and plots that scream location, location, terroir!!

Their winemaking team is headed up by Marinda Kruger-van Eck and Ryno Booysen.  The key is knowing the characteristics of each plot, understanding the benefits each grape can bring, and using this information to break rules and push boundaries.  Marinda says “I use a combination of my knowledge and love of nature and science to create versatile, expressive and food friendly wines from this wonderful country, the whole of the Cape is our vineyard.”  This 2016 offering is a blend of classic South African grape varieties – the notion of ‘droe rooi’ (dry red) in South Africa is traditional, well know and long established.

In other markets, non-varietal red blends often meet with resistance but this is to miss out on some amazingly appealing packaging, and absolute Cape classic.  Really juicy, accessible, soft, bright red.  A nose of pure crushed fresh raspberries with that Swartland sandy element complete with a palate of summer berries, cream and dark spice in the finish.

Best served with: bacon cheeseburgers, grilled sausages, hearty pasta dishes, and lamb chops.

The Reserve Bank | Red Blend


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