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Wine Club Chardonnay Review

Wine Club Chardonnay Review

 My Wine Club Chardonnay Review – 2015 Kara Chardonnay

My monthly wine club shipment came in and had 4 bottles of wine in it.  2 Merlot’s and 2 Chardonnay’s.  So I decided to bust open the Chardonnay and give it a shot, considering it’s about 215 degrees here in Texas. Here is my wine club Chardonnay review:

Wine Club Chardonnay

The wine club shipped me this Chardonnay

The bottle I opened was a 2015 Kara Chardonnay Columbia Valley.  The pairing notes that came with the bottle give a wonderful description of what you are getting in to.

Wine Club Chardonnay Review:

“CWC Winery and Eye of The Needle collaborated for their initial release of two wines: Kara Chardonnay and Brady’s Blend Merlot.  Under the guidance of Tyson and Tom, CWC Winery is in great hands.  Tyson cut his teeth on wine making at famed Washington winery Chateau St. Michelle. After leaving there he worked fiver harvests and earned a Cellar Master title under his belt while working for one of Washington’s most prestigious red winemakers, Bob Betz.

Tom has been in the beer and wine industry for over 20 years with experience in retail, wholesale, and production.  Along with Bob Bullock of Eye of the Needle Winery, the sum is truly greater than the parts.  They sourced 100% Columbia Valley Chardonnay for this 2015 vintage.

More from the pairing notes:

The 2015 vintage was one of the warmest growing seasons on record in Washington State and Columbia Valley saw optimal ripening and great yields for Chardonnay.  This offering was sourced from multiple vineyard lots resulting in a complex, layered Chardonnay.  After fermentation, approximately 30% of the wine was aged in once used oak barrels adding richness and mouthfeel without overbearing oak notes.

It is crafted in a fresh, soft style with bright apple and sweet citrus fruit character with subtle spice and oak nuances.  This is a very clean, refreshing, fruity version of top-notch Washington Chardonnay.  Pair with vegetarian pastas, white fish, or chicken dishes.  It also makes a good accompaniment to seafood such as shrimp or scallops.  To get some more great pairing ideas with wine, check out my FREE wine pairing guide with recipes for the everyday cook!

Well Chateau St. Michelle has a history and is well known, so I felt better opening up this bottle and already “trusted” that it would at least bring something to the table.  Now, to note, I’m not the biggest Chardonnay fan (I really love Bordeaux and Cabernet) but I actually enjoyed this wine.  Not my favorite Chardonnay but was definitely refreshing and easy to drink on it’s own.

Chicken breasts were grilled up while my wife made some spicy green beans (you really should get this recipe so let me know and I will post it) to go with our 2015 Kara Chardonnay.  The chicken paired well with the wine, although I might have put a little too much spice on the chicken. The Chardonnay was a very fruity wine, dry and had a good finish.  Overall, I would drink it again and try to pair it up with some fish or seafood next time.

Wine Club Chardonnay grilling

I know there is a Chardonnay only wine club out there

I think that the standard wine club complaint would be that you get the same wines every month.  Of course, you like those wines but eventually you are ready for a change or to try something new.  I guess you could put together a Chardonnay gift basket, but drinking wine is much more fun.  That’s the benefit of the wine club I am in, is that you get different wines from all over the globe every month.  So you just specify if you want white, red or both! A Merlot, Chardonnay, Malbec, Cabernet and more have been what I have received so far! It’s a wonderful wine club therefore definitely worth the low price.  Feel free to comment or reach out to get more information.

I hope you enjoyed my Wine Club Chardonnay Review, there will be many more wines that I review in the near future!

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