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What Makes Rose Wine Pink? Easy Guide to the Sexiest Wine on the Market!

What Makes Rose Wine Pink? Easy Guide to the Sexiest Wine on the Market!

What Makes Rose Wine Pink?

I know you have asked yourself before while standing there looking at a Rose, “What Makes Rose Wine Pink”?

“Not to be confused with white zinfandel (which is also a pink wine, but super sugary and mass produced), rosés often have a crisp mouthfeel and flavors of melon, citrus, and flowers — but that’s not a hard and fast rule. Rosés are made around the world from a wide variety of different grapes.” 

The color of the Rose can vary depending on how long it comes in contact with the red grape skins. Most Rose’s are made by letting the grape skins macerate long enough to change the color of the wine to all those pretty shades of pink. They will usually sit in contact for 2 to 20 hours depending on the wine makers preference of color.

Well what are the Rose wine types?

Now that you know what makes rose wine pink, let’s break it down a little more and cover the rose wine types. There are 4 more popular rose wine types: Grenache Rose, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese and Syrah. I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t send you to a WONDERFUL breakdown of those 4 rose wine types.  (See their awesome infographic below)

Why are rose wines pink

Does any of this process impact the Rose wine price or the Rose Wine Alcohol Content….

The alcohol content of Rose on average is a 10.5% ABV which is on the lower end of the spectrum. It can get up to 13.5% ABV in some of the French and Spanish Rose’s.

Rose wine prices vary, but as with the ABV they are usually on the lower end of the spectrum. Rose wines can be found in the $6 price range (I would be very cautious with those) and get up to the $50 price range. I would say that a lot of Rose wines have been rising in price lately because of the high demand and popularity.  It is the most popular wine out there right now, especially in summer time! You can find a very good Rose for $12 to $18.

Screw top wines are very popular when it comes to Rose and if you have any reservations on buying screw top, check out another blog I wrote about the subject.

Rose found at my local HEB
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