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Easy Guide To Types of Wine Glasses

Easy Guide To Types of Wine Glasses

Choosing the right type of wine glasses can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you are still just trying to choose the right type of wine!  So many different choices, types, brands and shapes can make something as simple as choosing a glass make your brain shut down and grab the nearest solo cup and say screw it.  I created an easy guide to types of wine glasses just for you.

Proper wine glasses aren’t just a snob gimmick designed to make you look or feel stupid.  There really is solid reasoning behind using the correct wine glass. Whether the wine is allowed to breathe more in a certain glass or the size of the glass allows the wine to hit your mouth in just the right area they are designed for a reason.

Most people, including myself, have a favorite wine glass.  One given to us as a gift or to commemorate a special occasion or merely because we liked the glass.  These fall under the category ‘all purpose wine glasses’ and these are just fine as your go to types of wine glasses.   However, I thought a short little education on why you would want a variety of glasses in your cabinet and what their purpose was would help.

To make this simple, I created a ‘types of wine glasses chart’ as well as the a breakdown of each part of the glass.

Parts of a glass

anatomy of a wine glass

Rim: The best wine glass rims are very thin.  You know what I’m talking about – some wine glasses have a rounded thick rim that will disrupt the wine hitting your mouth.  Yes it seems quite ridiculous but it really does make a difference.  If you don’t believe me, try to drink wine from a beer mug vs. a fine wine glass.  You’ll quickly understand exactly what we mean.

Stem: Unless you are going to be outdoors at a barbecue, on a picnic or hanging beside the pool always choose stems over stemless. Not only will those that hate fingerprints love these, the stem is mainly there to keep your hand off the bowl of the glass and warming up the wine in the glass.

Bowl: The bowl of the glass matters because it really is all about the swirl.   I know, it looks like something that fancy people do with their glasses to look well, fancy.  I promise though that the swirl allows air to permeate the wine and open up.  Wine is amazing in that it changes every single day that it is in the bottle.  Since it is trapped in a bottle though, swirling it around a cup allows it to open up and breathe some and this creates a much better taste for your mouth.

Does Stemware Matter

Types of wine glasses


White wine glasses: The Narrow rim and bowl of the white wine glass size features an elegant shape that enhances the wines varietal lightness and sweeter nature.

Red wine glasses: To confuse things a little bit, generally red wine glasses are broken down into two red wine glass size types – a Burgundy wine glass and a Bordeaux wine glass.  The larger capacity of the Bordeaux style glass lets younger wines breathe, and the thin rim allows wine to flow onto the tongue smoothly.  The Burgundy style glass enhances the acidity and intensity of a full bodied red wine. This style bowl also allows the wine to breathe.




The end result is of course entirely up to you, however know this.  When you have a proper glass then you allow the wine to completely shine on it’s own.  Proper wine glasses aren’t really expensive either.  I mean yes, we have all seen very expensive ones, however, with the amount of sales that so many stores run these days you can pick up a solid set of glasses at an economical price.



Not Typical Wine Guy

PS – If you want to read more about wine glasses I found this great article that further dives into all things glassware.

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