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Screw Top – Screw That!

Screw Top – Screw That!

Does Screw Top Wine Equal Poor Quality?

Oh the ole topic of screw top wines!  Let me guess, unless you have done your research (so take those people out), 90% of you think screw top = screw that!  Cheap, bad, poor-quality, substandard you get the idea.  I would be lying if I didn’t get caught in that thought process as well.  I don’t know why, but I want to believe the cork wine is just that much better.

Well I did some research for you, and tried some wines next to each other

So tell me about the screw top already!

(Cab vs Cab, Merlot vs Merlot etc in the same price range, but screw top vs cork) and hate to tell you, but screw top is a definite misconception.  Time to throw that old thinking out the window!

Here are some facts to as to why we are seeing more and more wineries turn to the twist offs or “twisties”.

  • They are obviously easier to open and close, making it more convenient for parties or travel and definitely helps when you have some left over and need to close it back up.
  • They are less expensive for the winery, which means a savings on your part as well.  You can find some high quality wines for a cheaper price at your local market because they can charge less with less expenses!
  • Less cork in the wine! – You know you’ve done it before.  Opened up that bottle of wine, struggled with the wine opener, maybe even messed up and pulled too hard on the cork.  Pour that first glass of wine and scoff at the cork floating in your glass.

90% of New Zealand wineries and about 70% of Australia wineries now use screw top for their wines.

So next time you are at a party, or someone busts out a bottle of wine, don’t be so quick to judge!  Go off the flavor profile of the wine, and if you personally enjoy it or not, and not by the lid.  Matter of fact, I’m going to open up a killer screw top red blend I have sitting here next to me!  Cheers!

Screw Top Wine Bottle

Not Typical Wine Guy

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Comments ( 14 )

  1. ReplyHelene Cohen Bludman
    I am glad to see this is becoming more common. I really prefer the screw tops.
  2. ReplyTammy
    I'm not a wine drinker, so I don't have much to say about this subject, but my mom loves wine. I will have to pass this info to her.
  3. ReplySarah Bailey
    I don't drink alcohol at all, but most definitely from opening for others give me a screw top any day.
  4. ReplyTara pittman
    Less cork in the wine is always good. My husband loves a good glass of wine.
  5. ReplyLeigh Anne Borders
    I really do not know much about wine so I am not really a good judge of what is good or not. When I find myself in those situations, I just enjoy (or try) whatever is being offered.
  6. ReplyCarol Cassara
    I never have thought about it before but it does make sense for wine lovers to like the cork instead of the screw top. I'm glad you cleared that up though. Screw tops are much easier to open and well, if it makes the wine a little cheaper then that's awesome!
  7. ReplyBetty Boiron
    I had always thought the same thing! I'm glad you did the tasting for us and cleared this up. The screw top is definitely more practical, so it's good to hear that it doesn't affect the quality of the wine.
  8. ReplyAnosa
    This is another learning for me. Its nice that you have shared this information. No more debates for some regarding this issue then. I need to share this to my two friends who keeps on arguing about this matter.
  9. ReplyLois Alter Mark
    Ha ha! Glad you posted this so I can feel better about those screw top bottles! They're so much easier!
  10. ReplyJennifer
    From my experience, the wine bottles with the screw tops are not really good. But I am happy to know more wineries are using screw tops for their good wine. It is so much easier to open so I would prefer a screw top.
  11. ReplyKarlyn cruz
    Awesome post! My friends I really loves wine. I will definitely share this information to them.
  12. ReplyCynthia Nicoletti
    Great to know that their is no difference. They are much easier to open.
  13. ReplyNatasha
    I really did think that there was a difference so this is new information to me. Great to know.
  14. ReplyAlayna
    I never really thought of it before, but it is great to know that there is no difference. I've tried both kinds, corked and twisted, and the twisted cap is much easier to get off than the cork. Thanks for the great tip!