About The Not Typical Wine Guy

Hi, I’m Mike.

Thanks for stopping by my site and I really hope you find it valuable.

I’m your typical male who likes the occasional whiskey cocktail, a cold beer on a hot summer day and wine. I really like vino (cab is my favorite)! The problem I see in the landscape today is that it is all so pretentious and hard to get involved with. Tell me you weren’t nervous the first time you tried wine, or went to a tasting (you can see it now, trying to swirl the glass, not sure what actual smell you got..what does “Earthy” smell like anyway)?  I’ve been there and I’ve been in your shoes.  I understand how sometimes wine is intimidating even when you really want to try it. 

Many of my friends and I’m sure your friends like wine. We like to drink wine – we want to learn more and yet, asking any question gets us a turned up nose or some answer that we can’t begin to understand. So we drink whatever big brand is on the grocery store shelf, or we order something different. I’ve set out to change that because I believe wine can be fun and non pretentious as well as educational. Bottom line, I want you to enjoy drinking wine, on a simple level, that makes you comfortable.

I also like wine clubs. Think about it! Wine delivered to your door, with all the guess work taken out of it. So I worked really hard to combine the two. Love of wine knowledge and an awesome wine club that is online and delivers directly to your door. Please look around the site especially the blog.  I post so many reviews and interesting information to demystify wine. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message. Thanks!


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